3 juni 2010

So young, yet So old

There are moments in life when you catch yourself wondering about your life, what you have accomplished, what you have failed to accomplish, the people you have met, the people you wish you had met, the things you have done and the things you wish you had done differently. I think that I have been very lucky in a way. I have had the great experience to have been born where the zebras grace and the lions roar and to have been brought up admist red sand dunes and singing mosques. But sometimes I wonder if I have grown old way too fast or if I am stuck in a phase in life which I don't have the slightest hint how to get out of. Its a way of thinking that I am thinking about. I went to a yoga class alot of weeks ago and I found myself on the brink of tears. So I wonder...how come?

I guess its pretty natrual that yoga has that effect on people but it made me think...and think...and I actually didn't come to any obvious conclusion other than that perhaps I need to do more yoga. My mother often told me that I think too much....don't wise people think too much? So am I wise because I think? Or is it what you think about that makes you wise? Or perhaps how you think? What the hell.

Is it that constant thinking that has made me old? hmm...perhaps...or perhaps its not old..its just called ....more mature......

Sometimes though i feel I have taken on a role that I could not imagine having at the age of 23. Not all negative..but sometimes just.......exhausting.

Enought thinking for today...its not getting me anywhere...not today at least.

And for people out there who don't have their emotions in the right place....start thinking, it might do you some well.

Not to care for philosophy is to be a true philospher

Take care now you

I have the most amazing, funniest, strangest and sometimes the most spoilt little sister.

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